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Rabbit & Other Small Pets Tooth Cleaning Chew Toys

Rabbit & Other Small Pets Tooth Cleaning Chew Toys

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Keep your furry companion entertained and healthy with Rabbit Tooth Cleaning Chew Toys. Crafted from natural wood and forage, these treats and chews help improve your pet's oral health, aiding in digestion and increasing appetite.

Watch as your guinea pigs, rabbits, chinchillas, hamsters, mice, and gerbils enjoy the crunchy fun!

This 10-Piece Rabbit Playset includes:

  • 2 Heart-Shaped Grass Pies,
  • 2 Mixed Grass Balls,
  • 2 Apple Grass Ball Lollipops,
  • 1 Water Grass Ball and
  • 1 Willow Ball,
  • 11 Apple Wood Sticks,
  • 5 Sweet Bamboo Sticks, 5 Timothy Hay Sticks,
  • 1 Apple Wood Chunk String
  • 1 Braided Carrot
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