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Pet Water Fountain - 1.5l

Pet Water Fountain - 1.5l

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In the home environment, some cats prefer a running tap, for example or maybe a drinking fountain,” she says. “This makes sense from an African wildcat perspective, where they would naturally drink from fresh running streams rather than a stagnant pool.

Cats also prefer to have their food bowl and their water bowl separated from each other. In an evolutionary sense this allows them to avoid water that may be contaminated with waste from prey.

This attractive pet water fountain, comes and a range of colours, and includes a USB charger.


- Automatic pet water dispenser

- 1.5L capacity is ideal for dog, cats and most pet families.

- 3 water flow speed modes provide clean tap water to make your pet happier and healthier.

Tip: clean the pump regularly to prolong its service life

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